What's Up With VoteBuddy?

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a cinch we won't have anticipated all the questions our esteemed visitors might have. So please bear with us!

Q: If this can really work, how come it hasn't been done before?

A: We can only guess that, because the Internet is what makes this possible, it simply took this long for the potential to be recognized.

Q: This involves striking a bargain where my vote is concerned. Isn't that a bit like selling it -- and therefore immoral or illegal?

A:This program isn't anything like that. Nobody is giving you anything in order to get you to vote any particular way. We don't ask that you vote Libertarian, or Reform, or Green, or Constitution, or Socialist. We just ask that you vote your conscience instead of your fear.

Q: I love this idea! How can I be involved?

A: Here are a couple of ways:
  • First, spread the word! We do no paid advertising, and so far we've had the resources to do very little PR. Your word-of-mouth advertising is worth a lot to this "honesty in voting" movement. Send email announcements to the known Free World. For the most popular email software, clicking here will open up a message that you can send to anyone (or everyone!) in your address book.
  • Second, you can simply donate some of your hard-earned dollars to support our effort. Now you can easily make donations online by credit card with PayPal (Sorry -- donations to VoteBuddy are not tax-deductible.) Just click this button if you're already a PayPal member.

    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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    VoteBuddyTM, No!BuddyTM, and any associated logos are trademarks owned by Kent Van Cleave, who asks everyone not to set up a similar type of organization or service using any name that might be confused with "VoteBuddy."

    If you would like to run your own VoteBuddy operation, franchises (under revokable licensing) will be liberally awarded to individuals or organizations who would like to encourage "Creative Vote Liberation" in their states and communities. After all, our mission is to break the two-party monopoly, and your help is very welcome! For information on VoteBuddy franchises, send email to Kent Van Cleave at (sorry -- no link provided as a spam-avoidance measure; you'll have to type the address yourself) info(at)votebuddy(dot)org. For other questions, visit our FAQ page.

    VoteBuddy and Kent Van Cleave make no warranties concerning the results anyone might expect or desire from VoteBuddy participation -- especially concerning the performance of individuals who are paired as Vote Buddies. It is the responsibility of each participant to establish a basis for trust in the Vote Buddy s/he chooses. By voluntarily following the VoteBuddy strategy for freeing your vote, you agree to hold VoteBuddy and Kent Van Cleave harmless for any negative consequences that might be attributed to the VoteBuddy program or anyone connected with it. Hey, we'll do our best ... but we aren't gonna be lawsuit bait for anybody!

    Finally, neither VoteBuddy nor Kent Van Cleave advocate the violation of any constitutional laws with this proposal. Anyone who contemplates pursuing this strategy should find out whether their state and local governments recognize their right to pursue any peaceful and honest means that will empower them to cast their votes according to their consciences. Where your freedom is prohibited by law, we can't advise you to resist your masters; that's a wholly personal choice.