The Swing State Samba

Voters who live in "swing" states -- those that are close enough they could be won by either "major" candidate -- will be hard pressed not to vote for the lesser evil. Therefore, swing states are where the VoteBuddy strategy really shines!

VoteBuddy for Cynics

Given the horrible situation America is in, you can't fault those people who have become cynical. Many of them see swing states as the obvious targets for election fraud. What if your vote for the R is "fixed" or "disappeared"? Is there even any point in voting at all?

If there is election fraud, it will be the non-conventional votes that provide the best opportunity to catch it. Early ballots cast by mail, paper ballots in the few places that still use them at the polls, the rare electronic votes with auditable paper trails, and write-in votes are the only ones that must be physically tampered with to rig an election. And non-establishment votes are few enough in numbers to be analyzed and tested for fraud. Especially at the precinct level it can be possible to prove votes for one candidate or another are missing. If you and a few friends voted at the same precinct for Candidate X, you can easily check your precinct totals to find out whether they amount to at least the number of votes you know were cast: yours! Imagine trying to do what with R or D votes....

The upshot for cynics is that even if you don't expect your vote to be counted correctly, you still have a good reason to go and vote for a non-R-or-D candidate. And, just in case there isn't fraud, you can use the VoteBuddy strategy to vote two-by-two against the status quo.


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