The Safe State Tango

Voters who live in "safe" states -- those that will almost certainly be won by a particular candidate -- rarely think about whether their vote means what is almost universally presumed: that it will help the candidate they favor.

That is far from the truth. Think about it. A vote for the certain winner will only add unnecessarily to a large surplus of votes. It won't help that candidate at all.

Similarly, a vote for the certain loser in their state will only add unnecessarily to a large deficit of votes. Again, it doesn't really help that candidate catch up and win.

What to do with your vote in a safe state? Having read about VoteBuddy you know the answer already: use your vote to send a message. Even if you sincerely prefer one of the "top" candidates you should seriously consider whatever other option best matches your goals. For example, if you like Romney except for his refusal to make serious budget cuts, you might vote Libertarian or Constitution -- or write in Ron Paul because of the trillion dollars he would have immediately slashed from the budget. Or if you like Obama except for his abandonment of a peace agenda, you might vote Green (or write in Ron Paul) to support sincere efforts to make peace in the Mideast. Maybe you're just sick of the status quo in general. You might even choose to skip the presidential race when you vote, sending a message that would be entirely lost if you went with the crowd and voted for a "major" candidate.

Of course, for anyone who is still a bit nervous about abandoning the least awful Republican or Democrat candidate, there is the VoteBuddy option!

To summarize, being in a safe state is a gift. It gives you your vote back -- if you'll only take it. Instead of implying total approval of the R or the D, send a real message for change.


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