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Your Vote is Held Hostage!

If you have any doubt that America is being ruined by the "Two-Party System" ... well, we have to wonder where you've been!

Of course, our form of government was never intended to be dominated by two parties ... or one, or three, or any other particular number. The Founders distrusted "factions," knowing that they always seek special advantages from government -- but also knowing they were inevitable.

But here we are today, faced with two giant political parties that face no meaningful pressure to behave in the interests of the American people. All each of them needs to do is convince you and me that their policies are just a little less damaging than those of the opposition.

Voters increasingly find themselves holding their noses and voting for candidates they really don't like -- just because the other major party's candidate for that office is even worse!

And here's the tragedy: Often there is also a candidate in the race the voter really likes -- but it's a "third party" candidate who everyone agrees has no chance to win. The voter doesn't want to "waste" her vote on a perfectly good candidate, because she feels obligated to vote against the worst of the major party candidates -- the only way she believes she can make a real difference.

In 2012, she feels compelled to choose between Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dumber (and you can decide who gets each name), even though she doesn't honestly support either of them. Is that sick, or what?!

But what if she could vote for her real preference without contributing to the bad outcome she fears?

A "Catch-22"

Q: Why haven't third party alternatives developed enough of a following that people can vote for them as real, viable options -- potential winners?

A: Because not enough people have been voting for them.

Q: Why haven't people been voting for these candidates -- even if they really like them?

A: Because they haven't been getting enough votes over the years to be viable now!

Just to belabor the obvious (sometimes you need to do that), there is an inescapable conclusion to be drawn here:

Unless people start voting for these third party candidates even though they won't win ... this time ... we will be stuck with this same old Mutt-and-Jeff treatment from the major parties FOREVER.

People feel trapped. How can they support what they believe in when they think it's most important to stop some disaster they expect from one of the major parties?

Is there any wonder the natives are getting restless?

Third Party Fever

Why do nearly two thirds of Americans want a third political party? Most are simply aware that government of, by, and for the Democrats and Republicans has not been working; they have little idea why. Part of the reason is that neither party really stands for what it used to. Instead, both of them have moved to the center in hopes of capturing the many "moderate" voters out there. A lot of people really miss having a party that represents the principles they believe in. Others have specific concerns that they believe have been abandoned by the one major party that ever showed any interest in them.

Various third parties (you can learn about them by following the link in the Menu below) are ready and waiting to fill these needs -- if only people would take advantage of the opportunity.

Are We Nuts?

Maybe you're familiar with this folksy definition of insanity: doing the same things over and over, but expecting different results. Now consider: year after year, millions of Americans vote against the dictates of their consciences. They are convinced that the choice between Democrat and Republican candidates is the choice between bad and worse. Yet they will hold their noses, year after year after year, and vote for Tweedle-Dum, just because they really can't stand Tweedle-Dumber. The predictable result: they keep on getting the same abuse from politicians they've been suffering all along!

Are all these well-meaning Americans certifiably nuts? Well, no. To be fair, they don't really expect things to get much better if they elect the lesser of two evils. They simply don't believe they have any other option. After all, no third-party candidate really has a chance....

And that's the way it will always be, unless....

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